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More 2012: Stereotypes

IOWA: Des Moines Register columnist Kathie Obradovich takes on members of the nationwide and local media for trotting out the provincial stereotypes about Iowa, now that Jon Huntsman has decided he won’t campaign there. “They assume that Iowans have no knowledge or interests beyond their immediate demographic. Iowans are predominantly white and older than the national average, so we must not care about minority issues or the concerns of young families, right?... People who want to draw conclusions about Iowa may find it instructive to pay us a visit. They may find one cliché that actually holds up: Iowans are friendly, even to our critics.”

The Des Moines Register condemns Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz for releasing a politically charged statement criticizing Jon Huntsman for saying he won’t campaign in Iowa. The news release, which had the headline “Huntsman Not Ready for the Big Dance,” was deemed “completely out of line” by the Register.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Former New York Governor George Pataki, who founded the group No America Debt, said he would watch Monday’s Republican presidential debate at Saint Anselm College specifically to see which candidate offers the best debt reduction plan. “I’ll be watching to see which candidates have the courage to go beyond focus group-tested sound bites and the fortitude to address the debt in something other than politically safe rhetoric. I’ll be listening for specifics,” Pataki wrote in an op-ed for the New Hampshire Union-Leader.

Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman will all be in the first primary state this weekend, The Hill reports.