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Majority of Weiner's constituents say he should not resign

He may be politically toxic to his fellow congressional Democrats as well as the butt of endless all-too-easy-to-make puns on late-night comedy shows, but there’s one group of people who seem fairly ready to let Rep. Anthony Weiner keep his job for now.

His constituents.

Only 33 percent of Weiner’s constituents think that the embattled New York Democrat should resign, according to a new NY1-Marist poll of registered voters in the ninth New York congressional district.

Fifty-six percent of respondents said that Weiner should not step down amid the roiling scandal over his admission of inappropriate online relationships with women. An additional 12 percent were unsure.

But although only a third of Weiner’s polled constituents said that their congressman should throw in the towel, many are unsure if they will vote for him in the future. Weiner has long been expected to run for mayor of New York City.

Asked if they would support him again, 30 percent said they will definitely vote for him again, 31 percent said they would definitely not support him, and 38 percent were undecided.

Weiner was re-elected to a seventh term in the House in 2010 by a margin of over 20 points, although that race was closer than previous elections.  (There is a possibility that his existing congressional district could be eliminated in the redistricting process.)