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More 2012: Get on the bus…

IOWA: Rep. Steve King (R-IA) recorded a video message for Tea Party activists on as they embark on their bus tour from June 13 to July 2, the Iowa Independent reports. In the video, King praises the activists for helping 2012 candidates shape their message by using a “new platform.”

MONTANA: “Gov. Brian Schweitzer — term-limited and leaving office next year — has declined to rule out challenging Baucus in the Democratic primary” in 2014, Roll Call writes. “The Senator's low approval ratings could motivate formidable Republicans to also enter the race.”

NEW HAMPSHIRE: The Union-Leader’s DiStaso says he doesn’t expect participants in Monday’s presidential debate to take too many jabs at the current frontrunner, Mitt Romney. “We don't expect all-out attacks by any of the candidates — not at this early stage of the game. They realize that this will be the first time many ‘regular’ voters in New Hampshire and across the country will be tuning in to the campaign in a serious way. While the candidates will want to make a strong, decisive first impression, they don't want that first impression to be as an attack dog by going ‘negative.’”