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Blog Buzz: It's the economy, according to poll

As we wrote in First Thoughts, a new Washington Post/ABC poll shows President Obama trailing Mitt Romney by three points among registered voters, 49%-46%, and tied among all respondents, with President Obama’s low economic ratings a significant factor in his overall weakness.

Daily Beast blogger Andrew Sullivan noted that the poll “might be the leader of a trend’ that the Osama bin Laden bounce President Obama received last month is over. But he also cited a  National Journal poll conducted at the end of May which suggested “resilient Obama strength,” as he posted much higher numbers among college-educated white women, independents and Hispanics, as well as improvements among “groups more dubious of him” including white men without a college education and whites aged 30-44.

At the very least, Sullivan concluded, “I think we can safely say that the political climate is volatile.”

Liberal blogger John Aravosis at AMERICAblog blamed the president for following, as he sees it, a Republican agenda focused more on deficit reduction than job creation.

The President decided a little over a year ago to join the Republicans in making the deficit a priority, and worse, a larger priority than job creation… if you still believe that the economy is on its way back, any day now, you might choose to focus on the deficit instead. Sadly, the only people who believe that are Republicans and quite possibly the President himself.

The conservative blogosphere pounced on President Obama’s low economic ratings almost unanimously.

“It’s the Economy, Stupid,” was NRO’s Robert Costa's headline as he grouped together graphs showing pessimistic views of the economic recovery and the direction of the country with President Obama’s approval ratings. 

“What's happening?  The bad economy is what's happening,” wrote GOP12’s Christian Heinze. His takeaway from those figures:

The GOP nomination is definitely worth having. Don't buy the hype that Obama's reelection is a fait accompli.

Those numbers on the economy are simply awful, and there's nothing to indicate they'll turn around. And even if things start moving grudgingly in the right direction, there's always a lag period between reality and perception, and the electorate might not have caught up by the time the election rolls around.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey wrote that the dismal economic figures across the board “are not re-elect numbers by any stretch of the imagination.”