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Weiner admits to 'several' racy online relationships, will not resign

Rep. Anthony Weiner, a married Democratic congressman from New York, admitted Monday that he sent lewd photos of himself and engaged in sexual online conversations with women he met on Facebook and Twitter over the past three years.

But he did not resign and said that he and his wife - who was not in attendance - have no intention of splitting up over the scandal.

"The picture was of me, I sent it," he told reporters in New York City of a below-the-belt photo that was sent last weekend from his Twitter account.

In a lengthy and tearful apology during which he lamented his “destructive” and “dumb” behavior, Weiner said he has had “several inappropriate conversations with women I have met online,” -- about six women over the past three years. He added that he has never met any of the women in person and has never had sex outside his marriage.

He said that the female recipients of sexually-charged photos and messages he sent were all over 18 years of age "to the best of my knowledge."

Weiner’s confession conflicts with what he told reporters last week, when he continued to insist that his Twitter account had been hacked.

“I was embarrassed and I didn’t want it to lead to other embarrassing things,” he said Monday when asked why he misled the press about his online interactions. “It was a dumb thing to do to try to tell lies about it because it just led to more lies.”

While he said he takes full responsibility for his actions, Weiner insisted that he will not give up his job representing the 9th district of New York.

“I don’t believe I did anything here that violates any law or violates my oath to my constituents,” he said.