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Obama agenda: To Toledo

“In a Toledo Chrysler plant today, President Barack Obama will tout the comeback of Detroit's auto industry and the role his administration played,” the Detroit News writes. “Using that message for political advantage in the 2012 election may have seemed improbable in 2009 when Obama and Democrats faced criticism for their rescues of Chrysler and General Motors.”

What the president will announce: “The Treasury Department on Thursday said it reached a deal to sell its stake in Chrysler to Fiat for $500 million. The move would end the government’s involvement in Chrysler but still leave taxpayers about $1.3 billion short of recovering their full investment in the carmaker.”

"Having come to the rescue of the American auto industry, President Obama is looking to collect a political advantage from a big risk that paid off," the Boston Globe adds.

In an opinion piece in the Washington Post, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel writes about President Obama’s commitment to the Middle East. 

"President Barack Obama will visit Puerto Rico this month, the first official visit by a president since John F. Kennedy went to the island almost a half-century ago. An administration official confirmed to Roll Call that Obama will visit on June 14 'to commemorate the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s visit to the island.'"