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Yemen worse than Libya?

At a time when the United States is involved militarily in Libya (in a limited way), and as Congress considers a resolution stipulating that the U.S. withdraw from the country, another Middle East/North African nation is drawing more attention.

Today, the London Guardian reported that the violence in Yemen has become, in the words of British diplomats, “worse than Libya.”

In Yemen, tribal warfare, al Qaeda forces, and pro and anti-government groups rage on – and there are indications that the strife will only escalate. Dozens of Yemini citizens were killed today as President Saleh’s troops clashed with the gunmen of a powerful tribal leader. While President Saleh has taken conciliatory measures (such as a promise to step down after his term ends in 2013), many are skeptical that he will not follow through on them and continue to protest.

As the BBC reports, Yemen suffers from 35% unemployment and 45% poverty. Meanwhile, as the New York Times says, "a remarkably high proportion of citizens are armed" in Yemen, and "the potential for strife is difficult to overstate."