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Obama agenda: Today's listening session

Per the AP, “Scores of House Republicans are heading to the White House for a meeting with President Barack Obama to demand trillions of dollars in spending cuts as the price for providing any increase in the government's power to borrow… Wednesday's meeting seems more of a listening session than earnest negotiations between Obama and the staunch conservatives who have taken back the House.”

Politico: “Defense Secretary Robert Gates, during a valedictory interview in the nose-cone cabin of his airborne command center, admitted quietly Tuesday that his experience running two wars and serving eight presidents had become a burden. ‘I think one of the reasons it’s probably time for me to leave is that sometimes too much experience can get in the way, and you can get too cautious,’ Gates told POLITICO as he flew over his native Kansas on the first leg of an overseas farewell tour. ‘It may … be making me more cautious that I ought to be.’”

About lowering that corporate tax rate… "A number of U.S. corporations had an effective tax rate of less than zero in recent years, a new study has found," The Hill says.