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Obama agenda: New leadership

“President Obama nominated Army General Martin E. Dempsey as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and promoted two other senior military leaders yesterday, completing an overhaul of his national security team in advance of his reelection campaign,” the Washington Post writes. “Obama’s appointments will usher in an entire new leadership at the Pentagon, where for the first 2 1/2 years of his term he had kept most of the existing brass from his predecessor, President George W. Bush.”

“A new CNN/Opinion Research survey finds President Obama's approval rating has steadily risen over the past two months, from 48% in early April to 52% in early May and the current mark of 54%,” PoliticalWire notes.

But “optimism brought on by [a recent jobs] report has waned as recent data on the nation’s economic growth and first-time applications for unemployment have since disappointed,” The Hill notes. “Financial markets and policymakers will be looking to the Friday report for an update on where the economy is headed.”

President Obama’s headed to Miami June 13 for “his first fundraising foray into the Sunshine State since he officially announced his reelection campaign,” Roll Call writes.

“And so it was on Sunday, while many in the public were enjoying a round of golf, digging into a trashy beach novel, or breaking into provisions for the first barbeque of the summertime season. JFK’s only daughter, Caroline, traveled to the presidential library named for her father to witness an announcement: The US Navy is going to name its next aircraft carrier in honor of the nation’s 35th president,” the Boston Globe writes.

Germany is “abandoning nuclear power,” The Hill writes.