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Bachmann's day in NH

On this Memorial Day, Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann visited New Hampshire, addressing the Dover/Stafford GOP picnic. And in media avail afterward, she discussed her potential 2012 presidential bid, Sarah Palin, and why she was in the Granite State.

When asked about timing for her possible presidential announcement, Bachmann said "We're very close. I had just announced on Thursday that I'll be making the announcement in the state where I was born, Iowa, and in the city of my birth, which is Waterloo, Iowa. So I'm looking forward to making that announcement next month."

Asked about Palin potentially getting into the 2012 race, she said, "I think we're gonna have a very wide deep bench of great candidates to come against Barack Obama, and if I decide to throw my hat in the ring, I think that I'll do very favorably against Barack Obama."

Asked why she was in New Hampshire, Bachmann said that "it's very important. It's one of the first states and people in New Hampshire take this very seriously. What I have discovered in my travels across New Hampshire is the fact that people want change at the White House; they want to have their country back; they want the economy to work; and have jobs again. I'm a job creator, together with my husband. I'm a former tax lawyer. I understand what needs to be done to have American-made jobs again. That’s my focus if I choose to run."