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Palin makes stop at Washington's Mount Vernon

Sarah Palin and her family rolled up to historic Mount Vernon this morning to tour George Washington's mansion. Palin got the VIP treatment, as she was whisked in through a back entrance and walking the grounds with a VIP tour guide.

As she, her parents, Todd, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and staffers made their way through the grounds, other tourists gaped at the family and took pictures. Palin shook hands and laughed. At one point, NBC News asked her if she was being encouraged to run by the people she's met. Palin responded, "We're being encouraged to keep spreading the message."

Around 11:30 am ET, the family walked up to George Washington's home to speak with people in period costume and take pictures with other visitors before touring the inside of the home.

Only snippets of Palin's conversation could be heard while on the mansion grounds like, "Medicare" and "We love you."

The family went from the house to Washington's tomb, and then they boarded their bus to get back on the road.

Melissa Wood, media relations manager at Mount Vernon said she was never contacted directly by the Palin organization. She was told by another staff member on Sunday afternoon that the former vice presidential nominee could show up around 11:00 am and made a plan on how to wrangle the media based on relatively little information.

The family's next stop, reportedly, is at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, followed by Gettysburg.