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Obama agenda: So fly like a G8

The New York Times: “President Obama tried to marshal global economic support for Egypt and Tunisia at a gathering of industrialized countries on Thursday, even as some European allies were privately urging him to increase the United States’ role in the military campaign in Libya.”

In Florida, President Obama has a 51% job approval rating, according to a Quinnipiac poll, and leads a generic Republican contender 44%-37%.

President Obama is going to visit Puerto Rico June 14, the first U.S. president to do so since 1961, the New York Daily News writes. And speaking of Florida, “Obama's visit is aimed more at the U.S. than the island… Perhaps the most important state is Florida, which has outstripped all the others in the growth of its Puerto Rican population and is the biggest battleground state in presidential elections,” the Daily News writes. “The 2010 Census counted 848,000 Puerto Ricans living in Florida. That's a 76% jump from 10 years earlier. There are almost as many Puerto Ricans in the Sunshine State as there are Cuban-Americans.”

Folks, all politics is local: This might have something to do with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s stance in appearing defiant to President Obama: A Jerusalem Post poll shows that by a 40%-12% margin, more Israeli Jews think President Obama is more Palestinian than Israeli; 34% were neutral, 13% had no opinion. (Hat tip: PoliticalWire.)

And a new Haartez poll, per PoliticalWire, shows Netanyahu got a bounce from his trip to the U.S. His approval jumped an astounding 13 points from just 38% to 51%. Five weeks ago, his approval was just 38%/53%.