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Obama agenda: Biden's day in NH

The New York Times on Obama’s address to Britain’s Parliament yesterday: “‘The time for our leadership is now,’ Mr. Obama proclaimed, asserting the relevance of the British-American alliance in a world of rising powers and new threats. He rejected the argument that emerging titans like China, India and Brazil ‘represent the future, and the time for our leadership has passed.’ The United States and Britain, he said, ‘remain the greatest catalysts for global action.’”

“Vice President Joe Biden yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s speech challenging the nation to put a man on the moon by lamenting that the United States has sometimes lost its will to pursue similarly big dreams,” the Boston Globe reports.

“Vice President Biden on Wednesday tore into Republicans while saying that conditions favor President Obama's reelection in 2012,” The Hill adds.

The New Hampshire Union Leader: “Calling Republicans a different breed of cat, Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday while visiting New Hampshire that President Barack Obama will be successful in his re-election bid for the White House.” More: “The 2012 election is about the future and about restoring the American dream, which is why Biden said he partnered with Obama in 2008. It is about strength in leadership, according to Biden, describing Obama as a leader with a backbone.  Americans watched as Obama executed what he called the ‘boldest undertaking of a single event in modern history,’ referring to Osama bin Laden's death.  With his future on the line, Obama didn't hesitate, said Biden. ‘And, that was the last piece of the puzzle that had to be put in place,’ added the vice president.”

Brendan Nyhan, a scholar at the University of Michigan who will be at Dartmouth after July, writes, “One of the least remarked upon aspects of the Obama presidency has been the lack of scandals. Since Watergate, presidential and executive branch scandal has been an inescapable feature of the American presidency, but the current administration has not yet suffered a major scandal, which I define as a widespread elite perception of wrongdoing…  In the 1977-2008 period, the longest that a president has gone without having a scandal featured in a front-page Washington Post article is 34 months.” (Hat tip: PoliticalWire.)