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McConnell hits back at Democrats on Ryan plan

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went on attack against Democrats this morning on the Senate floor, criticizing their attempt to capitalize on the controversial Rep. Paul Ryan Medicare plan by holding a vote on Ryan's budget this week.

"They aren't even pretending to put principle over politics here," the Kentucky Republican said. "According to Senator Schumer, their focus is on an election -- that's still almost two years away! Well, my suggestion is that Democrats start thinking about putting their names on something other than an attack ad. They could start with a budget."

McConnell, who has been careful not to offer a full-throated endorsement of Ryan's plan, said Ryan has shown "courage" by at least putting a budget plan out there.

"Democrats are showing none by ignoring our problems altogether," he said.

Republicans say Democrats have no deficit-reduction plan and are only interested in scoring political points by voting against the Ryan budget. Democrats say Republicans want to "kill Medicare," and they are out to make sure the program is protected.

Meanwhile, when the vote on the Ryan plan actually takes place is still being negotiated between Majority Leader Harry Reid and McConnell's offices. Reid's office says the vote is likely Wednesday or Thursday after the Senate finishes debate on the Patriot Act. To counter the Democrats, McConnell plans to call for a vote on President Obama's February budget and possibly two other Republican budget proposals as well -- Rand Paul and Pat Toomey.