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2012: Fact-checking T-Paw

GIULIANI: Rudy, Rudy, Rudy: “As the Republican presidential field shapes up, ‘America’s mayor’ is considering another shot at becoming America’s president. Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor, ‘is still considering it, very definitely,’ said Wayne Semprini, Giuliani’s 2008 New Hampshire state chairman,” the Boston Globe says.

And, per the New Hampshire Union Leader, he’ll return to New Hampshire in June.

HUNTSMAN: USA Today’s Susan Page writes, “Jon Huntsman Jr. is hoping for lightning to strike.” He told USA Today in New Hampshire, "Politics is a surprising business. People can come in with the right message and capture the zeitgeist of the public and they're off and running. It's catching lightning in a bottle."

Slate notes that Huntsman said the stimulus “wasn’t big enough.” Huntsman said on FOX in February of 2009: “Well, if I were in Congress, I probably would not have voted in favor because it didn't have enough stimulus and probably wasn't big enough to begin with.

And Steve Benen notes that Huntsman (on camera) said infrastructure should have made up 75% of the stimulus. “Stimulus, to be sure, that was needed,” Huntsman said.

He “will leave the campaign trail to return to Utah later this week to attend his son's high school graduation,” the Deseret News writes.

PAWLENTY: The AP fact-checks Pawlenty’s announcement speech. “A parsing of Pawlenty's opening-day statements shows they were not the whole truth.” (1) “A federal pay freeze is already in effect”; (2) “Obama's health care overhaul might be unconstitutional in Pawlenty's opinion, but it is not in fact unless the Supreme Court says so. Lower court rulings have been split”; (3) “Obama's record shows more tax cutting than tax raising”; (4) Despite his claim otherwise, “Minnesota remains among the 10 worst states in its overall tax climate”; (5) Despite claiming, he “stood up to the teachers unions and established one of the first statewide performance pay systems in the country," that system is voluntary and “most school districts have not joined.” AP does note, however, that he offered “tough choices” to fix the debt crisis: “Although politicians typically talk about the need for hard choices, Pawlenty actually does name several. He proposes to phase out ethanol and corporate subsidies, raise the Social Security retirement age for young workers and restrain cost of living increases for Social Security recipients who are wealthy.”

Jeb Bush praised Pawlenty’s stance that ethanol subsidies “have to be phased out.”

PERRY: Still waiting for Superman: “A new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll finds just 4% of Texas Republicans say they'd vote for Gov. Rick Perry (R) for president if he decided to run,” Political Wire writes.

ROMNEY: “There was plenty of speculation a few months ago that Mitt Romney would ignore Iowa in the 2012 election after a disastrous and expensive outcome there helped seal his fate in 2008,” the Boston Globe notes. “But while he is not spending near the time or resources this time around – instead focusing more closely on New Hampshire and Nevada -- Romney’s strategy in this GOP presidential primary clearly does include the Hawkeye State. How much may become clearer this week as he travels to Des Moines for the first time since announcing his exploratory committee. He is scheduled to appear at a forum at noon Friday sponsored by the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.”

Romney is way ahead in New Hampshire, according to the latest CNN/WMUR poll (conducted last week). He gets 32%, followed by Ron Paul at 9%, Gingrich and Giuliani at 6%, Palin 5%, Bachmann, Cain, Daniels, Huntsman, and Pawlenty at 4%, Gary Johnson 2%, with 17% undecided. Romney also won second choice, followed by Palin; 43% say they’re dissatisfied with the field.