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Obama agenda: Barack O'Bama

The New York Times wraps up the president’s day in Ireland yesterday. “In a jubilant visit that included a pint of Guinness at a local pub — the first lady, Michelle Obama, had a half-pint — a stop at a house once lived in by his great-great-great grandfather and quite possibly the most garrulous rope line he has ever worked, Mr. Obama made a familiar pilgrimage for an American president: going back to his Irish roots. It was the emotional highlight of a 12-hour visit to Ireland by the president, as he kicks off a six-day tour of Europe that will also take him to Britain, France and Poland — and immerse him in thorny issues like the military campaign in Libya and upheaval elsewhere in the Arab world.”

“Democrats took a victory lap Tuesday to celebrate Chrysler's repaying of its bailout, and hit the Republicans who opposed the rescue of the Detroit automaker,” The Hill writes, adding, “The DNC released a new web video containing clips of Republican presidential contenders publicly opposing the administration's bailouts for Chrysler and General Motors (GM) in early 2009.”

Come on, get happy: “Americans have been pessimistic about the direction of the country for more than two years, yet a vast majority has been consistently happy and satisfied with their own lives during that time, according to polling results published by the Associated Press,” the Boston Globe writes, adding that the poll earlier this month showed, like other polls, that there is pessimism about the direction of the country, but people said they were personally happy. “[L]ittle-noted results … suggest that the level of personal happiness in America has stayed remarkably stable through the recession and the painfully slow economic recovery. Asked to ‘think about how things are going in your life in general,’ 81-one percent of respondents this month reported being ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ happy; just 14 percent said they were personally unhappy.”