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More 2012: Warren vs. Brown?

MASSACHUSETTS: The New York Times says that national Democrats are wooing Elizabeth Warren to challenge Scott Brown in next year’s Senate contest. “In seeking to enlist Ms. Warren for a different campaign, Democrats are taking aim at two birds. They can lay the groundwork for a potential compromise over a different candidate to lead the new [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau] and, they hope, they can increase their chances of reclaiming Mr. Brown’s seat by sending against him a woman who has won considerable acclaim and popularity among liberals for taking on the financial industry.”

“Senator Scott Brown, after signaling earlier this month that he would vote for a controversial House budget plan, said yesterday he will vote against the budget blueprint and its overhaul of Medicare,” the Boston Globe notes, adding, “Brown becomes at least the third Republican senator to disavow the House budget. Senator Susan Collins of Maine has said she opposes it, as does Rand Paul of Kentucky. Like Brown, other candidates and elected officials find themselves under pressure to explain where they stand on the budget. Senate Democrats are pushing for a vote as soon as tomorrow that they believe will give them a weapon against Republicans in individual elections.” More: “Brown has insisted that his position has been consistent on the Ryan budget: approval of its general direction, without saying whether he would vote for it. But his comments in Newburyport suggesting that he would vote for it unleashed a firestorm of criticism.”

Politifact calls Brown’s stance on Ryan’s plan a “full flop.”

“Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) scolded the senator for opposing the House GOP budget from Rep. Paul Ryan,” The Hill writes. “An Illinois Republican on Monday said Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) should be ‘ashamed of himself’ for opposing Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) budget plan.” (Walsh, by the way, is going to be one of the most vulnerable incumbents next cycle, and may be redistricted out.)

NEVADA: “Former Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R) has said she won’t run as an Independent in Nevada’s 2nd district special election, but a fundraising appeal sent Sunday indicates she is not giving up after a judge ruled that the parties can choose their nominees,” Roll Call writes.

VIRGINIA: “Retiring Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) sent a fundraising email to supporters urging them to donate to former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D), who is running to succeed him in the Senate,” Roll Call writes.

WASHINGTON: The New York Times says Dennis Kucinich was shaking hands in Washington state. “Mr. Kucinich is indeed thinking about running, but it would not be another try for president and maybe not even an eighth House race back in Ohio. Instead, the 64-year-old Mr. Kucinich, who first gained fame as the ‘boy mayor’ of Cleveland in the 1970s, is delicately examining the idea of running for Congress here in Washington State next year. Given Ohio’s loss of two House seats, his district is likely to disappear when new map lines are drawn.”