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About 25,000 hear Obama speech in Dublin


Barack Obama (or is it O'Bama?) takes a gulp of Guinness in Moneygall, Ireland.

On television, it certainly looked like a huge crowd that greeted President Obama at the College Green in Dublin.

*** UPDATE *** Local fire officials in Ireland told American reporters traveling with the president that they estimate the crowd to be about 25,000. (Irish Times had reported that "up to 60,000 people" heard the speech.)

The paper writes, "To rousing cheers he introduced himself as: 'Barack Obama, of the Moneygall O’Bamas. I am here to find the apostrophe that we lost along the way."

Obama drew on the strong Irish heritage in the United States, saying, "You can say there's always been a little green behind the red, white, and blue."

He ended his speech, on message: "Is feidir linn."

Translation: "Yes, we can," in Gaelic.

Earlier in the day, the president headed to the town of Moneygall, where he can trace back ancestors. He was warmly greeted, and took a gulp of Guinness at a local pub.