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GOP congressman: Default would benefit the U.S.

By now, it shouldn't be a surprise that House Republicans are against raising the debt ceiling -- unless it's joined by a significant effort to reduce spending.

But it is surprising when one GOP member says that defaulting on the debt and going through "a period of crisis" could actually be a good thing. California Congressman Devin Nunes (R) said in an interview:

“By defaulting on the debt, in the short and long term, it could benefit us to go through a period of crisis that forces politicians to make decisions” on major policies that affect the budget, he told POLITICO.

Reached for comment to explain how a period of crisis could be beneficial, Nunes spokesman Andrew House tells First Read that the congressman concedes "there would be turmoil" associated with a default. But Nunes believes that the turmoil will force Congress to make decisions to reduce the debt, ending the "idea that you can kick the can down the road."

"It would have our government making decisions that would be beneficial," House adds.