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Schumer, McCaskill slam oil companies

From NBC’s Libby Leist
Senators Chuck Schumer and Claire McCaskill kept up the drum beat against big oil companies this morning in a press conference in the Senate gallery. The Senators are asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate oil refineries who they say have cut back on capacity and doubled their profits in the past six months. 

McCaskill said gas prices have caused a "gut punch" to her constituents in Missouri. She asked why refineries - some controlled by the oil companies - are operating at 81% capacity. 

"They have obviously enjoyed a great deal of increase in profit, just because they decided to deliver less fuel to Missourians and Americans across this country," she said.

McCaskill said a reduced supply of fuel may be contributing to higher gas prices.

Schumer told reporters, "less oil is produced, more is being exported. Sounds like a recipe to keep prices high."