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More 2012: Tommy Thompson's return?

IOWA: According to CNN, the Iowa Republican Party will finalize its ballot for the August 13 Ames Straw Poll on July 23, “so possible candidates like Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie must signal their interest in the Ames contest and begin organizing well before then.”

MASSACHUSETTS: “Senator Scott Brown’s support for a GOP budget plan that would transform Medicare into a voucher system promises to become a potent issue in his reelection campaign, say political analysts and advocates for senior citizens,” the Boston Globe writes.

NEW YORK: Next week’s NY-26 special congressional race gets the front-page treatment from the New York Times. “A special election fight over a House of Representatives seat, which has attracted big money and huge interest from both parties, now appears to hinge on him. Running as a Tea Party candidate, [Jack] Davis, 78, is siphoning support from the Republican candidate — so much so that Republicans privately concede that if they do not stop him, they could hand a seat they have long held to the Democrats.” 

WISCONSIN: Politico reports that former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson is considering a run for the open Senate seat in the state. BUT he would defer to Rep. Paul Ryan, who is supposed to announce this week if he’s running.