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More 2012: Tea Party Express targets NY-26

NEW YORK: Now Tea Party Express is getting involved in NY-26, targeting Jack Davis for “deceptively giving himself the ‘tea party’ title when he does not truly support core tea pary values of the movement.” The group holds a 10:00 am ET press conference in Rochester, where it will endorse Republican Jane Corwin and “denounce” Davis.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Although Gov. Nikki Haley endorsed Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign, she warned that he will have to “continue to deal with” criticism for the health-care plan he passed while governor of Massachusetts. In an appearance on “This Week,” Haley said Romney “showed courage” when it came to dealing with health care, but that “I think that we are looking for a leader that's willing to, one, make courageous stands, take strong policy decisions, but two, also admit when a mistake was made."

WISCONSIN: Roll Call: Sen. Herb “Kohl’s retirement is a major disappointment for Democrats, who have already had five other Senate retirements this year. The Friday surprise creates the fifth competitive open seat that Democrats will have to defend in 2012, when the party was already largely expected to play defense.”

Rep. Paul Ryan (R) is considering a bid for the Senate, and will likely announce by the end of this week.