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Ron Paul: 'Our time has come'

After announcing on ABC this morning that he is running for president,, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) held his first rally as a candidate in New Hampshire, telling supporters: “Our time has come.”
“I have one update about the revolution,” Paul informed the audience, “the revolution is spreading, and the momentum is building.”

Now, after two failed presidential bids, Paul thinks “three’s a charm,” because “conditions have certainly changed." He added, “So many people in this country have come to understand that government, so far in its pretense, that it can take care of us from the cradle to the grave and police the world ... isn’t the solution, government really has created the problems.”

One of the strengths of any president, Paul feels, should be an ability to restrain the federal government. That’s just what the Texas congressman -- often referred to as "Dr. No" -- intends to do.

On domestic issues, he thinks there's far too much regulation, and he says the federal government shouldn’t be involved in the education system -- that should be left to the states. He proposes getting rid of the Federal Reserve. And he said he would not vote for an increase in the debt ceiling, an issue currently being worked on Capitol Hill.

Stepping into foreign affairs, Paul said America cannot continue to be the world’s policeman, because the U.S. cannot afford it. “You don’t have to be an isolationist. It just means that we stay out of the internal affairs and all of the conflicts and the civil wars and the religious civil wars, especially going on in the Middle East.”

“I don’t believe we have to be involved in that,” he continued, “I think we make more enemies for it, and it’s bringing us down financially. And therefore we need to reassess it and have a new foreign policy.”

NBC's Jordan Fraiser contributed to this article.