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Trump: 'Torture' led to catching bin Laden

Back in the spotlight today, potential presidential candidate Donald Trump said “we had a great victory last week with the killing of bin Laden.”  A result Trump says couldn’t have been achieved without enhanced interrogation techniques.

“In terms of torture, in terms of enhanced interrogation, we wouldn’t have caught bin Laden without it. That’s what got us to him,” Trump told the audience at Expo Nashua in New Hampshire.

Trump insisted that Pakistan had to be aware al Qaeda’s leader was in their country. “If anybody thinks that Pakistan, the government, didn’t know that he was there, they’re foolish, okay, they’re very foolish," Trump said. "So, they’re not really our friend and they’re not really our enemy."

The Donald also proposed withholding aid to Pakistan until “they get rid of their nuclear weapons.”

On domestic policies, Trump warned another term for President Obama would mean higher taxes.

“If President Obama gets reelected, I think your taxes are going to go through the roof,” Trump said, “I do believe that he’s holding them down now as long as he can, because he wants to get through this election.”

Trump, who previously raised unfounded questions about President Obama’s birth certificate, said, as he has before, he is proud the president released the long-form version of the document. This was once a major talking point for Trump, but today in his second trip to New Hampshire he only mentioned it briefly -- twice.