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Obama agenda: Gone in '60 Minutes'

From President Obama’s interview on “60 Minutes,” The Hill leads with Obama saying there was a support network in Pakistan for bin Laden.

The Washington Post's summary of the interview: “President Obama faced sharply divided counsel and, to his mind, barely better-than-even odds of success when he ordered the commando raid last week that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, the president said in an interview broadcast Sunday. Obama acknowledged having only circumstantial evidence placing bin Laden at the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. There was not a single photograph or confirmed sighting of the man, he said, and he worried that the Navy SEALs would find only a ‘prince from Dubai’ instead of the terrorist leader responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.”

Here’s the full interview transcript with President Obama on “60 Minutes.”

CNBC's John Harwood tries to answer this question in his weekly New York Times column: What difference does past week make to President Obama? "The short answer, Obama advisers and outside analysts in both parties say, is that it makes some difference, but not a dramatic one. In distinct if subtle ways, it alters calculations by the White House and its partisan adversaries concerning his foreign policy goals, domestic agenda and prospects for re-election. 'You have to take the security, personal and economic things in different buckets,' said John Podesta, who managed Mr. Obama’s transition to the White House and served as chief of staff for President Bill Clinton."

The Hill points out: “[I]n several key 2012 battleground states, where economic progress will likely be critical to Obama's reelection hopes, the unemployment rate remains above the national average.”

“Former Vice President Dick Cheney said that he would reinstate the practice of waterboarding if he were president,” The Hill reports. “In the wake of last week's killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, Cheney said he would advocate lifting President Obama's ban on the enhanced interrogation tactic, which critics say is torture.  ‘I certainly would advocate it; I'd be a strong supporter of it,’ Cheney said of the use of waterboarding on ‘Fox News Sunday.’”

Just a reminder, as NBC’s Michael Isikoff reported last week: “[D]etails suggest that the most aggressive “enhanced interrogation” techniques -- including waterboarding, against other detainees, particularly 9/11 mastermind Khaled Sheikh Mohammed – proved useless in learning the identity of the bin Laden  courier.”

The New York Daily News: “A parade of former Bush administration officials went on the Sunday political shows to talk up waterboarding and claim a measure of credit for bagging Osama Bin Laden.”

Vice President Biden’s budget group meets again tomorrow. By the way, the Treasury Department says the federal government will hit the debt ceiling one week from today.