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More 2012: Donnelly gets in

FLORIDA: Roll Call looks at the GOP Senate primary there to challenge incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D).

Is Allen West starting to care more about reelection than ideology?

INDIANA: Rep. Joe Donnelly’s (D) getting in the race for Indiana Senate. Democrats are hoping that long-time Sen. Richard Lugar loses or is badly damaged in a Tea Party primary.

IOWA: To commemorate 100 years of the presence of a cow sculpted out of butter – also known as the “butter cow” – at the Iowa state fair, attendees this year will have the chance to paint a limited number of concrete cows, the AP reports.

MICHIGAN: Roll Call notes how the GOP is still searching for a candidate to challenge potentially vulnerable Debbie Stabenow (D).

SOUTH CAROLINA: Businessman and motivational speaker Chad Connelly was elected the state’s new Republican Party chairman on Saturday, The State reports. Connelly’s biggest responsibility will be to raise money to host the election – Gov. Nikki Haley has opposed the $1 million the state House included in its budget for the primary, and could veto the money. “State and federal filings show the [South Carolina GOP] had less than $92,000 on hand at the end of March. Most of that is in the party’s state operations account, which covers day-to-day expenses. The party burned through $143,762 during the first quarter in that account,” the AP writes.