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Daniels: It's not too late to enter '12 race

One day before the first Republican presidential debate, the 2012 field is still developing. Today, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R), a potential -- but not yet declared -- Republican presidential candidate commented on the slow start to 2012 and the opportunity for more entrants to the race.

"I think that even people far more sage than I about our political process and presidential process are very surprised that on May the 4th, it's not already far too late, but for whatever reason it's not," Daniels told the audience gathered for his speech at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

"I consider that from the stand point of the public a blessing," Daniels added, "Unless you're a political professional or running a bed and breakfast in New Hampshire, it's a darn good thing that we'll have a campaign measured in months, a nomination campaign measured in months and not in years."

Daniels' speech was focused on recent education reforms passed in his home state that expand charter schools and vouchers, aim to improve teacher quality, and limit collective bargaining to wages and benefits.

He praised President Obama and his administration on education policy. "Most of what I've talked about so far and much of what I will is strongly supported by the Obama administration. I salute the president, Secretary Duncan," Daniels continued. "They're right about these things. They have had the courage to, in many cases, irritate some of their allies."

On the death of Osama bin Laden, Daniels wasn't critical of the president, as some of the other potential presidential candidates have been over the past few days. "This was a very significant achievement, tremendously powerful from a symbolic standpoint," he said.