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Pakistani ambassador: 'We are allies and partners'

On MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports," Pakistan's ambassador to the U.S. stressed that the Pakistani government wasn't complicit in hiding Osama bin Laden and

Said Husain Haqqani:

The fact remains that no one in the United States government has alleged that the Pakistani government was in any way complicit in keeping Osama bin Laden there. So I think that is something we should be very clear about. However, did our intelligence services or our law enforcement fail to perform optimally in not discovering him earlier? That is a question that we are examining ourselves.


A lot of people in Pakistan are upset over the intrusion into Pakistan -- an infringement of Pakistani sovereignty, and a statement has been made to that effect that has, I've seen, received some media commentary. All I will say is that we have had a situation. I understand the American concerns. I understand why America acted the way it did. We will talk about it between ourselves. We are allies and partners, and sometimes allies and partners face embarrassing or difficult moments, but we will work together because that is the only way forward.