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Source: U.S. recovers hard drives, computers from raid

The strike team at Abbottabad retrieved 10 hard drives, five computers and more than 100 storage devices: disks, DVDs, and thumb drives, a U.S. intelligence official said.

In addition, the team retrieved written material, not further described, but in the past, U.S. forces have retrieved notebooks and address books that were helpful in locating other terrorists. The U.S. intelligence community is willingly releasing this materal, hoping that those who believe their names and personal data are on those devices will go to ground, thus reducing even further the terrorist threat.

U.S. officials did not initally have information on how much if any of the material was encrypted, or to what level. One official speculated that since the compound had no Internet access there was limited need for encryption.

Two U.S. officials tell NBC News say that public affairs specialists at agencies involved in Sunday's raid had discussed what to do with "death photos" of bin Laden in meetings over the past several months -- that it was part of the planning for the raids.

Neither official disclosed what the outcome of the discussions was but noted that everyone knew the ultimate decision would rest with the White House. The same official said he did not expect a decision today, but said it would not surprise him that much.