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More 2012: Bin Laden politics in FL

FLORIDA: “Democratic US Senator Bill Nelson said yesterday that if Republican lawmakers get their way, some of the people who helped plan and carry out the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden could lose their votes in Florida elections,” AP writes in reference to a bill being that “would be a requirement that absentee ballots are signed the same way as voter registration cards.” Nelson said, “Should we deny those very military that carried out this very successful decapitating of the Al Qaeda snake, should we deny them because they have signed their voter registration card in a different way than they signed their absentee ballot overseas?”

IOWA: “First Lady Michelle Obama's speech at the University of Northern Iowa next week is no doubt the highest profile graduation event in the state, but it's also a reminder of Iowa's role in the presidential election,” the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier writes. 

NEVADA: “Sen. John Ensign on Monday capped off a 15-year Congressional career with a speech to a nearly empty Senate chamber, striking notes alternately apologetic and defensive,” Roll Call writes.