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NV special to be free-for-all election

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller today announced that the special congressional election to fill Dean Heller's (R) House seat will be a free-for-all contest without a primary.

The Conventional Wisdom is that either this helps Sharron Angle (R) if she runs (because she would be the most recognizable candidate) or it could help the Democrats win (because the GOP vote gets split up).

Heller was recently named to replace John Ensign in the Senate.

The AP:

Nevada's chief election officer says there will be no limit on the number of candidates who can enter the state's first special election to replace a sitting U.S. House member... There will not be a primary. Voters will pick from a free-for-all ballot.

Republicans had argued that the never-before-used election law allowed for political parties to choose their candidates.

The special is slated to take place on Sept. 13.

*** UPDATE *** The National Republican Congressional Committee clearly isn't happy with the ruling. “This blatantly partisan ruling from Harry Reid’s political machine is only the beginning of what will surely be a long and drawn out process,” said an NRCC spokesman.