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DNA analysis confirms it was Bin Laden

From NBC's Andrea Mitchell
A senior official tells NBC News that the U.S. has now completed the DNA analysis, and it has come back with 100% certainty. It is Osama bin Laden.

Also, NBC News has been told that the CIA'S facial recognition technology has identified Bin Laden's face with 95% certainty -- after comparing it to known pictures of Bin him. That is considered very high accuracy.

And one of Bin Laden's wives was in the compound -- and survived -- identified him.

Asked how the sea burial complies with Islamic law, officials say the Koran is not specific to burial -- as long as the body of the diseased is cleansed quickly. There is no single authoriative Islamic text on burial.

Officials have no answer on how Pakistan intelligence wouldnt know about the compound, less than two miles from what is colloquially referred to as their "West Point."