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Daniels to cut Planned Parenthood funding, fueling 2012 speculation

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels announced Friday afternoon that he will sign a bill that will drastically cut Planned Parenthood funding in the state by preventing Medicaid funds from being used for abortions.  In a statement, Daniels said:

I supported this bill from the outset, and the recent addition of language guarding against the spending of tax dollars to support abortions creates no reason to alter my position. The principle involved commands the support of an overwhelming majority of Hoosiers, as reflected in greater than 2:1 bipartisan votes in both legislative chambers.

I commissioned a careful review of access to services across the state and can confirm that all non-abortion services, whether family planning or basic women’s health, will remain readily available in every one of our 92 counties. In addition, I have ordered the Family and Social Services Administration to see that Medicaid recipients receive prompt notice of nearby care options. We will take any actions necessary to ensure that vital medical care is, if anything, more widely available than before.

Any organization affected by this provision can resume receiving taxpayer dollars immediately by ceasing or separating its operations that perform abortions.

The decision is certain to fuel speculation about a potential presidential run by Daniels who has drawn the ire of conservatives by calling for a "truce" on social issues.