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Trump drops five f-bombs in Las Vegas speech

From NBC's Catherine Chomiak
Potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump did not hold back in a speech to GOP women's groups in Las Vegas last night. In fact, he used strong expletives five times in his speech to the group.

On his lack of a political background he said, "You know, I've seen the best politicians.  I've known them all. Someone said, 'But Donald, you're running for president, but you don't have any experience in politics.' I mean, I've been dealing with these f***ing politicians all my life."

Switching from domestic to foreign affairs, The Donald came out swinging on relations with China, OPEC and the U.S's role in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq.

He told the audience if he were president he would impose a tax on imported goods from China. "I'd drop a 25% tax on China and you know, I said to someone it's really the messenger. The messenger is important. I could have one man say, 'We're gonna tax you 25%,'" he said in a meek voice and then continued, "And I could say (to) another, 'Listen you motherf******, we're gonna tax you 25%," he roared across the room.

Addressing the recent rise in gas prices, Trump blamed the current leadership for not standing up to OPEC. "A couple of days ago, Saudi Arabia said, 'Aww, let's raise the price, let's cut back production.' Can you believe it? You're gonna be paying $5 and $6 for gasoline pretty soon. And they want to go in and raise the price of oil, because we have nobody in Washington that sits back and says 'You're not gonna raise that f***ing price, you understand me?'"

Speaking about U.S involvement in Libya, Trump said "I'm interested in Libya if we keep the oil, and everyone said, ‘Oh,’ and some of the press said, ‘Oh my god that's a sovereign nation.’ Give me a f***ing break."

On the wars in the Middle East: "We go to Afghanistan, we go to Iraq, we build a school, we build a road, they blow up the road, they blow them up, we build them again, in the meantime, we can't get a f***ing school built in Brooklyn."

Trump reiterated, what he has said before, that he will announce his intentions before June, but not until this season of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" is over. The finale is set to air May 22. He told one supporter in the audience who was urging him to run that he would make her "very happy" when the time came.

Trump's visit to Nevada, an early caucus state, comes right after a swing by New Hampshire, the first-in-the-nation primary state.

NBC's Jordan Frasier contributed to this story.