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Romney and the Koch brothers

Tonight in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney is attending his first GOP presidential cattle call since CPAC back in February. It's sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group that billionaire David Koch started. And Democrats are trying to make hay of the appearance, noting some of Romney's ties to David Koch like:

-- David and wife Julia each donated the maximum ($2,300) to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign in '08

-- Politico's 2010 report that Romney had lined up fundraising commitments from David and Julia Koch

A Dem operative emails First Read, "You know it's got to be a special occasion that only the Koch brothers can afford throw to get Romney to emerge from his op-ed fortress."

Of course, there's probably a bigger reason why Romney is showing up to tonight's cattle call: It takes place in New Hampshire, which is a must-win primary state for the former Massachusetts governor.