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2012: Beer and jerseys

BACHMANN: “Rep. Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party darling and potential 2012 presidential candidate, spent more than $20,000 on beer and baseball jerseys to woo supporters at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, according to federal records filed earlier this month,” Roll Call reports.

The Des Moines Register notes that Bachmann will make her fourth visit to Iowa to speak at a dinner organized by Polk County Republicans on May 26.

CHRISTIE: “A year after an antitax revolt took its toll on school budgets, New Jersey voters have returned to their more generous ways in the state’s one-of-a-kind school tax elections,” the AP reports. “According to an unofficial but complete tally by the New Jersey School Boards Association, 429 of the 538 budgets up for a vote — or 80 percent — were adopted in elections statewide Wednesday as a rigid new cap was put in place to control tax hikes.”

PAUL: Rep. Ron Paul continues his trip to Nevada today with a speech and a fundraising breakfast for the Washoe County GOP, The Hill says.

Speaking in Reno yesterday, Paul said that “his criticism of U.S. fiscal policy and opposition to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are much more popular views today than they were during his unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2008,” the AP reports.

PAWLENTY: Rep. Paul Ryan dismissed a recent suggestion from Tim Pawlenty that “payment reforms” to incentivize doctors and hospitals to produce better outcomes would reduce Medicare costs, The Hill reports. Ryan told the Weekly Standard that the idea too closely resembles the Independent Payment Advisory Board in President Obama’s health care law.

ROMNEY: “The New Hampshire Democratic Party is filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission alleging that likely Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney may be illegally funneling unlimited corporate donations into his campaign apparatus,” Roll Call reports. “Questions about the fundraising practices of Romney, a 2008 presidential candidate and a former Massachusetts governor, have been circulating for several months. But the Granite State Democratic Party becomes the first to file a formal complaint suggesting that he violated federal law.”

SANTORUM: “Former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., a likely presidential candidate, has three things to say about President Obama’s proposal earlier this month to employ deeper cuts to the U.S. military: ‘Wrong signal, wrong effort, and wrong time,’” the National Journal writes.

TRUMP: The New York Daily News: “Selective service records Donald Trump didn't want anyone to see show he dodged the Vietnam War due to a medical deferment, not a high draft number as he has claimed. The records indicate Trump was granted a series of student deferments before graduating from college, and then was deemed physically unacceptable for military service after he graduated.

The cover of Bloomberg Businessweek features a picture of Trump and has this one word: Seriously?