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Trump 'proud' of himself, takes credit for birth-certificate release

Donald Trump holds a press conference on the White House issuing President Obama's birth certificate.

From NBC's Shawna Thomas
PORTSMOUTH, NH -- Donald Trump is "proud" of himself for, as he puts it, "getting the president to release his birth certificate." In the minutes before Trump landed in Portsmouth, NH, to begin a day of stumping, the White House released President Obama's long-form birth certificate, and Trump told the press he heard about it while flying to the airfield.

"Today I'm very proud of myself, because I've accomplished something that no one else has been able to accomplish," Trump said, adding, "Our president has finally released a birth certificate."

However, he said he would have to check out the certificate himself and wondered why the president didn't do this "a long time ago."

With his Trump-emblazoned helicopter behind him, he began to answer questions about the birth certificate issue and whether he would run or not. Trump reiterated that he wouldn't announce until NBC's Celebrity Apprentice is over, but that the public would be "surprised" by his decision. "I think if I do run I'll do very well. Look, I'm already leading the polls and I'm not running." He continued, "I think I'd beat Obama."

Trump and the press moved away from the "birther" issue, allowing him the chance to disagree with the President on how he's handling rising gas prices in the country saying Obama "should be focused on OPEC and getting those prices down." As well as Libya where Trump said he would've handled that situation differently, "The rebels, I hear, are controlled by Iran and Al Qaeda...You could end up with worse than Khaddafy perhaps."

After the press conference, Trump heads to the Roundabout Diner to meet and greet with local diners.