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Congress: Ryan gets heckled

“Attendees at Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) town hall meeting on Tuesday heaped more scorn on the powerful congressman for backing an extension for the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy,” The Hill writes. “Protesters chanted ‘Ryan stop lying!’ at the House Budget Committee chairman outside his event in Kenosha, Wis. and several members of the capacity crowd interrupted Ryan as he defended his budget plan, according to WTMJ-TV. (Here’s their report.) 

The South Florida Sun Sentinel: “Taking a page from the tea party activists who hammered Democrats at their town hall meetings two summers ago, liberal partisans are making signs, preparing pointed questions, and turning out for Republican congressional town hall meetings.

They're hoping to score political points and also seeking political gold — embarrassing YouTube moments. Tuesday night was U.S. Rep. Allen West's turn.”

The New York Times: “After 10 days of trying to sell constituents on their plan to overhaul Medicare, House Republicans in multiple districts appear to be increasingly on the defensive, facing worried and angry questions from voters and a barrage of new attacks from Democrats and their allies.”

“Lawmakers received more threats of violence in 2010 than any other year on record, according to interviews and FBI documents obtained by The Hill. The surge of threats is mostly attributable to the contentious healthcare reform debate last year.”

The Hill outlines 10 things to watch in the upcoming debt-ceiling fight.