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Earlier today, we briefly mentioned Mitt Romney's op-ed in the Union Leader, which criticized President Obama on the economy.

But this paragraph won't bolster the one-term governor's foreign-policy or national-security credentials. (Emphasis below is ours.)

Barack Obama is facing a financial emergency on a grander scale. Yet his approach has been to engage in one of the biggest peacetime spending binges in American history. With its failed stimulus package, its grandiose new social programs, its fervor for more taxes and government regulations, and its hostility toward business, the administration has made the debt problem worse, hindered economic recovery and needlessly cost American workers countless jobs.

As Steve Benen points out, the U.S. is currently engaged in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is involved in a multinational effort in Libya.

First Read has reached out to Romney's campaign team for a response. We've yet to hear back. 

*** UPDATE *** A Romney spokeswoman tells us, "He meant to say since World War II."