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More 2012: Remember, NH is all about independents.

FLORIDA: The Sunshine State’s early presidential straw poll, to be held Sept. 23-25, will help bolster its influence as a decisive state in the 2012 Republican primary, the Tampa Tribune writes. 

NEVADA: “Sen. John Ensign's (R) resignation announcement last week again stirred Nevada's political world into a frenzy, setting off a likely domino effect that led to the secretary of state and both parties feverishly poring over state law to decipher what the special election process is. It's so complicated that a decision is not expected to come until this week,” Roll Call reports.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Independent voters, who make up nearly 42 percent of registered voters in the Granite State, can participate in either party’s primary in the state, the AP points out, meaning Republicans who have thus far been campaigning far to the right will have to branch out “beyond talking about things like the Declaration of Independence and conservative Republican talking points. They'll also have to talk to New Hampshire independents.”

NEW MEXICO: What’s that about Democrats not having the NRSC’s primary problems? “State Auditor Hector Balderas filed his statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission last week and is expected to formally announce this week that he is running for Senate, according to a source close to him,” Roll Call reports. “His entrance sets up a competitive Democratic primary with Rep. Martin Heinrich, who announced his candidacy earlier this month.”