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Obama agenda: Trying to recharge the base

The Los Angeles Times wraps up Obama's fundraising swing yesterday. "President Obama sought to bolster California supporters Thursday by arguing that his administration has achieved a number of key goals, from healthcare reform to tax cuts, while acknowledging that delivering on the promises he made in 2008 has been more difficult than he had expected... The trip was part of an effort by Obama to recharge a political base whose grass-roots supporters helped him win in an initially improbable run for the presidency in 2008. A segment of that base has since grown disenchanted by some of the president's actions, such as supporting increased domestic oil drilling, extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and declining to close prison facilities at Guantanamo Bay."

A separate LA Times piece notes, "There's a method behind this message: Obama wants to show he understands that core supporters are disillusioned with compromises he's made. He needs to reenergize them for the campaign. Along his motorcade route to the studio lot, a knot of protesters held signs expressing left-wing disenchantment with the president, such as '$ for Jobs & Schools not War.'"

The Las Vegas Sun explains why Nevada -- where the president visited yesterday -- could be difficult for Obama in 2012. "[T]he unemployment rate is higher in Nevada than anywhere else, foreclosures top the charts and state lawmakers are dealing with a $2.5 billion budget hole opened in part by the evaporation of the stimulus money that had helped Nevada limp through the last two years."

"The fact is, the nascent recovery that is taking hold in other parts of the country has yet to sprout here. And that makes this presidential battleground state, which Obama won by 12 points in 2008, difficult terrain to traverse in his newly launched re-election bid."

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