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Protesters at Obama fundraiser: "Free Bradley Manning"

Protesters interrupted President Barack Obama’s remarks at a breakfast fundraiser in San Francisco early Thursday, urging the president to “free” Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence specialist accused of releasing hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables to the website WikiLeaks.

According to a pool reporter in the room, a woman in the crowd of about 200 guests began singing and humming as Obama was speaking, removing her blazer to reveal a T-shirt with picture of Manning.

From the pool reporter:

She started singing and humming and then everyone at her table, in coordination,  held up tiny signs - yellow and white that said "Free Bradley Manning."

Some of the lyrics of her song - which the people at the table hummed along too, "Each of you brought you $5,000 - we'll vote for you in 2012, yes that's true, Look at the  Republicans, what else can we do."

"We payed our dues, where's our change?" the group at the table sang.

Manning was moved Wednesday from solitary confinement at a Virginia marine jail to a new shared accommodation at a facility in Fort Leavenworth.  The move came after reports that Manning was kept in a one-man cell at the Quantico prison and forced to strip before going to bed. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley became a hero of liberal activists after he criticized Manning’s treatment as “ridiculous” and was later forced to resign.

The woman was escorted out of the room by two White House aides, with Obama commenting “that was a nice song,” as she finished singing.

As she was being led out, she said: "Free Bradley Manning. I'm leaving. I hope I don't get tortured in jail."

"Where was I?" Obama said after her departure, continuing his speech. “That didn't break my flow."