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Congress: GOP picks Kyl and Cantor

Republicans selected Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia to participate in deficit discussions with the White House.

"When the House considered five competing 2012 budget plans from across the political spectrum last Friday, 24 lawmakers voted against every one of the proposal," writes The Hill, noting that many of the "none of the above" voters were Blue Dog Dems.

The so-called Gang of Six is close to announcing a deal on long-term deficit and debt reduction, the Washington Examiner writes.

A year after the oil spill, Politico looks at BP's donations to Hill lawmakers. "The company at the center of the storm in last year’s Gulf of Mexico spill sent out its first checks for the 2012 election cycle in March totaling $29,000. They went almost entirely to the campaigns of a handful of House Republican leaders."

National Review's Costa interviews Sen. Marco Rubio (R) on foreign policy. "Rubio, in an interview with National Review Online, says that the late senator Jesse Helms, the firebrand conservative from North Carolina, is his model. 'Politicians are not heroes,' Rubio says. 'But if you look at Jesse Helms, he had a tremendous amount of influence in this place.'"