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2012: Huntsman's return

BARBOUR: In a Yazoo City-datelined dispatch, the Boston Globe looks at Haley Barbour's opposition to the new health care law and how it's viewed by health advocates in the nation's poorest state.

CHRISTIE: A new Quinnipiac poll has Gov. Christie’s job-approval rating at 47%-46%.

DANIELS: Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels may face the prospect of signing a “birther” bill like the one Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer just vetoed in Arizona, The State Column reports. The bill was proposed by a Republican state senator but is currently stuck in committee.

GINGRICH: Newt Gingrich pens an op-ed for Human Events in which he relates Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget -- as well as his warnings of impending debt doom -- to the warnings of Paul Revere that the British were coming to arrest them.  He also criticized President Obama for his “slander” of Paul during his speech last week on cutting the deficit.

HUNTSMAN: The New York Times’ Zeleny profiles Jon Huntsman. “After spending nearly two years as the top American diplomat in China, Mr. Huntsman returns to the United States next week. He has scheduled visits next month here in South Carolina and in New Hampshire, where the Tea Party and social conservatives hold significant sway and have changed the political landscape.”

“On paper, given his affiliation with Mr. Obama, Mr. Huntsman would seem to be facing a tough time in a primary where anti-Obama sentiment is expected to run high. But in a crowded field, with many Republicans signaling dissatisfaction with the candidates thus far, his supporters hope he could get beyond short-term challenges with a long-term pitch of electability.”

Real Clear Politics: “So far, the Mormon issue doesn't seem to be nagging Huntsman the way it did Romney four years ago. Did Romney's 2008 candidacy itself help allay anti-Mormon prejudice? Is there something different about the way they embrace their faith? Do the two men discuss this issue differently? All of the above?”

PALIN: Last night on FOX, per NBC's Catherine Chomiak, Sarah Palin praised Donald Trump for his candidness, and said that he is being treated unfairly by the media. She said he is simply responding to reporters’ questions about the birth certificate. As for her own potential run, she said it's too early to declare -- and an exploratory committee is not even on her radar. If she doesn’t run, she’s not sure who she would support and wants to “keep hearing their ideas.”

SANTORUM: Rick Santorum will make a speech on foreign policy later this month at the National Press Club in Washington, The State Column writes.

TRUMP: If he continues down the path of running for president, Donald Trump could refrain from filing a disclosure form on his personal finances until he officially moves from “testing the waters” to talking about himself as an actual candidate, Salon points out. “Federal rules say individuals should register as official candidates when they: explicitly refer to themselves as candidates; buy advertising to publicize their candidacy; amass money for a war chest that could be used in a campaign; or seek ballot access. Once Trump does any of these things and spends $5,000 on the effort (which presumably he already has), he must register as a candidate.”