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More 2012: It all comes down to Florida?

Two states' Senate races provide key microcosms for the policy debates between Republicans and Democrats, writes National Journal: Nevada and Virginia.

FLORIDA: "It’s all coming down to Florida, again," Politico writes. "The fight for the GOP presidential nomination looks increasingly like it could be decided by a state with a rule-breaking, unsanctioned election that has thrown the presidential primary calendar in flux."

"More importantly, in a wide-open primary field it’s not clear that any candidate can afford to skip even an unauthorized contest in the nation’s largest swing state. As a result, Florida’s months-long staring contest with the Republican National Committee over the primary date is a moot point: GOP White House hopefuls are already preparing to contest Florida like a bona fide early presidential state."

INDIANA: Club for Growth leader Chris Chocola had some blunt advice for Sen. Dick Lugar yesterday. "We think it would be probably best if he would retire at this point," he said.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: This morning, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is announcing a campaign calling on NH GOP Chairman to defend the state’s first-in-the-nation primary.

“Both the South Carolina and Iowa Republican Parties have defended their early presidential contests,” the New Hampshire Dems say. “Why won't Kimball stand up for New Hampshire?”

SOUTH CAROLINA: “U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint says he's watching where the Republican presidential hopefuls come down on raising the debt ceiling and other big issues in Washington as he considers whether to endorse one,” The Greenville News writes.