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Poll: Majority of Americans like budget deal

A majority of Americans approve of the budget compromise struck between President Obama, House Republicans, and Senate Democrats Friday that narrowly averted a government shutdown, according to a poll out today.

In a new CNN poll, the first since the deal, 58% say they approve of the budget agreement; 38% disapprove. The poll was conducted over the weekend -- April 9 through 10. (Oddly, however, a much lower number -- 47% -- think the agreement should be made law.) (Here's the full poll.)

An overwhelming majority believes a government shutdown would have either been a major problem or a crisis. A total of 63% said so, with 39% saying it would have been a major problem and 24% saying it would have been a crisis.

More credit President Obama and Democrats in Congress for being responsible for the agreement -- 48% credit Democrats; 35% sided with Republicans.

President Obama gets the best approval in the handling of the budget negotiations -- 54% say they approve, 45% didn’t; Republicans and Democrats were upside down in their approval rating on the matter – both with 44%/54% ratings.

Vast majorities think both sides didn’t give up too much in the negotiations -- 25% say Republicans did, but two-thirds -- 67% -- say they didn’t; Just 18% say Democrats gave up too much, but more than three-quarters -- 76% -- say they didn’t.

President Obama’s approval in the poll is 48% with 50% disapproving; House Speaker John Boehner’s is 41%/44%.

On those controversial policy riders and the health-care overhaul, solid majorities say the government should continue to provide funding -- for Planned Parenthood (65% say so), the EPA (71%), and the health-care law (58%). But a solid majority -- 61% -- also says they oppose using federal funds for abortions.