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U.S. stands by position that Khaddafy needs to leave

From NBC's Courtney Kube
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton renewed the United States' call for Khaddafy to step down and to leave Libya.

Clinton said the U.S. believes "there needs to be a transition that reflects the will of the Libyan people and the departure of Khaddafy from power and from Libya."

Speaking after a meeting with Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb, Clinton said the U.S. has "made it very clear that we want to see a ceasefire; we want to see the Libyan regime forces pull back from the areas they have forcibly entered; we want to see resumption of water and electricity and other services to cities that have been brutalized by the Khaddafy forces; we want to see humanitarian assistance reach the people of Libya. These terms are non-negotiable."

Asked about a possible deal in Libya brokered by the African Union, Clinton said that she is still "waiting to get a full read out from the various participants," and that "we'll wait to get the full briefing as to what the African Union delegation determined."

Foreign Minister Stubb said he thinks the European Union should be involved in the future of Libya, especially with respect to the political dialogue. "There is going to be life after Khaddafy," he said, "and the European Union should prepare for that."