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Boehner: Obama and I understand each other

From NBC’s Jason Seher
In his first televised interview since agreeing to a crisis averting deal late Friday evening, House Speaker John Boehner said he will continue to build on a “fairly decent foundation” with President Obama in the coming effort to raise the debt ceiling. While Boehner cautioned the battles over the next 18 months will be more difficult than the one he just finished fighting, he said that he and the president understand each other better than they did five weeks ago.

“Clearly we understand each other,” Boehner said on FOX this morning. “Throughout these meetings over the last four, five weeks, we’ve been straight up with each other.”

The speaker acknowledged that he and the president have “very different visions for the role of government,” but the budget deal proved they are more than capable of compromising on the issues. Still, he got the rhetorical ball rolling in the fight over the debt limit -- by emphasizing the importance of maintain America’s financial solvency, while attacking what he said was Obama’s willingness to simply raise the debt limit without addressing spending.

“We should not default on our debt,” he said. “Just like households have personal obligations they need to meet, the government has obligations to meet as well.  But we’re just not going to do the typical Washington thing: rollover, increase the debt limit without doing anything.” 

Despite the criticisms, Boehner argued he and the president agree they have a shared responsibility to address the problems.

“Forget the next election; forget the next poll that’s going to come out,” Boehner said. “Let’s do the right thing for the country.”