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Budget negotiators think they have a deal.. now what?

From NBC’s Chuck Todd
So the key negotiators on a budget deal now have an agreement.

What now?

Remember, just because the negotiators at the table have a deal doesn't mean that it’s assured to go forward. The fate of the compromise now goes into the hands of rank-and-file members on both sides of the Capitol and the aisle.

The crucial group: House Republicans, who are currently reviewing the plan behind closed doors.

An aide to House Speaker John Boehner underscored that nothing is set in stone late Friday, saying "There is no deal yet. At the meeting, the Speaker will talk to the Members of the Conference about the status of the talks."

If a final deal has enough support to be greenlighted for passage, legislators will also have to fast-track a short-term measure (three-day or one-week) to prevent a shutdown before midnight.

Carrie Dann contributed to this report.