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More 2012: Shades of Macaca?

MASSACHUSETTS: “Former Governor Mitt Romney should be flattered by national Democrats’ efforts to delay next year’s Massachusetts presidential primary, but the overly clever ploy to undermine moderate Republicans is an insult to everyone who actually votes in the Commonwealth,” the Boston Globe’s editorial page writes.

VIRGINIA: “Virginia Senate candidate George Allen (R) apologized Wednesday to an African-American reporter for asking him, ‘What position did you play?’ in an incident that evoked his infamous ‘macaca’ gaffe,” The Hill writes, adding, “The incident renewed debate over whether Allen has learned his lesson since making a costly racial remark during his failed 2006 Senate campaign.”

WASHINGTON: “The Washington state Senate has approved a measure that suspends the 2012 presidential primary to save $10 million in the next two-year budget. The measure directs the Secretary of State to suspend the presidential primary, leaving only caucuses for the Democratic and Republican parties to allocate delegates for their national conventions,” AP reports.